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Jodie Ng
Murdoch University


CBL International not only gave me the chance to study at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, but it provided me with the opportunity to learn from fantastic academics and make lifelong friends from around the globe. The dedication of the CBL team ensured that we experienced everything possible from the beauty of Oxford, the charming scenes of Cambridge, and the hustle and bustle of London. My time with CBL International was challenging, informative, fun and incredibly rewarding.

Shelly Huang
Northumbria University, UK


The CBL International Oxford Easter course is a fantastic experience for me to study business and law programmes. The lectures such as International Economic, WTO, International Taxation and Business Management are fun and useful. Moreover, all lecturers and CBL staff are really helpful and friendly. There are also have different exciting activities like MINI planet tour, punting, river cruise, tour the historic town, visit Blenheim Palace and so on. I also met different friends from all around the world and enjoyed all the time that we spent together in this amazing city Oxford.

Salman Aga
Christ University (Bangalore)
CBL International Oxford Summer Law School 2015


I arrived with a skeptical opinion that 2 weeks is a really short period of time and not much can happen in 14 days, but I didn’t leave feeling the same. My experience with CBL International had been truly amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better host. I learnt a lot in class as we were provided with teachers who were well versed in their respective fields of knowledge, as well as outside class we were provided with sufficient time to get to know the other participants in the programme. I have already recommended the programme to my friends and family and I will continue to do so. Thank you for letting me part of this programme, I am looking forward to participating in the future.

Lars Truyens
Antwerp University
CBL International Oxford Summer Law School 2015


The cooperation between CBL International and Oxford University is unique opportunity to meet interesting and talented people from all over the world. I enjoyed the courses taught by renowned practitioners, researchers and professors in a historic setting.

IMG_2453Priscila Pankratz
Universidade Positivo
CBL International Oxford Summer Business School 2015


During CBL program I learn more about England, about Oxford and their story, I met people from many different countries and had lectures with excellent teachers.

I study Economy in my university where we speak Portuguese, so I was able to study the same subject, but in English, which is really important. At the class of Financial Crises I was able to study more about UE economy because in my country we read and study more about our own Economy and USA. So it was really interesting.

I had so much fun walking around with my new friends! We spent our free time exploring the city, trying new types of food and shopping. One of the most memorable cultural experience was having a High Tea ate the Grand Café! I also enjoyed visiting the Oxford Castle, Christ Church College and Magdalen College.

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Victoria Charles
University of the West Indies
CBL International Oxford Summer Business School 2015


My experience with CBL International was splendid. I’m grateful I was given the opportunity. The environment was stimulating to be among for all over the world motivated to achieve and get an eye opener into the best quality education that Oxford offers, even if it’s just for two or four weeks! I came across CBL doing some research on the Internet where I would be able to spend my summer time wisely. CBL has made my summer 2015 worthwhile and quite memorable.

I thought the academic aspect of the programme was well executed. The professors were punctual and the information was well delivered. There were class discussions, which were great in an international setting. This created an environment that fostered different views and perspectives on what was being discussed in the class. It also exposed me to the different ways people think. The structure of the programme was also up to par. After we were given a week of information we then got a test at the end of the week to access how well we received the information. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the academic aspect of the programme as everything was organised and well prepared.

The best social experience is being able to network with people from all over the world, especially when you’re a business student. In addition, I was to get a first hand learning experience meeting people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and learning a few unique things about their culture. My most memorable cultrual experience was when we got to tour Christ Church. It was one of the largest and ost beautiful colleges of Oxford. The architecture was magnificent and we got told about all the popular films that it had made a feature on.

Sunny Li
Sunny Shi
China Northwest University of Politics and Law
Participant of CBL International Oxford Summer Institute at Oriel College 2011


Before taking part in CBL International’s Oxford Summer Program in 2011, I never thought much of living overseas. But now after completing the course, my plans in life has completely changed! I absolutely loved studying in Oxford and want to spend my next few years living in the UK!

The program was simply amazing as the small-class teaching style provided us with a great communication environment with our professors. It incorporated lectures on legal theory, IP law, European law, international trade law, as well as many others. In addition to the knowledgeable professors providing an overview of the common law system, CBL International comprehensively fulfilled the program with a visit to the Royal High Courts of Justice in London. There we had the experience of a lifetime by attending a trial as the audience in the Oxford Local Court!

It wasn’t just all about studying and learning though as the Oxford Summer Program also integrated a tour to Cambridge, which was absolutely great fun! I was very proud of myself for getting second prize at a Foosball competition with my friend.

At last, the accommodation at Oriel College was one of the greatest things about the whole program. It was extremely nice, comfortable, convenient, allowed us to easily talk to local students, and have breakfast with professors!

Thank you so much for the great experience CBL International and Oriel College!

Soloon WangSoloon Wang
Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)
Participant of CBL International Oxford Summer Institute at Oriel College 2011


Before I took part in the CBL ‘s summer program in Oxford in 2011, I never thought I would change my mind to spend my next few years studying in the UK. As you can imagine, I love studying and living in Oxford!! In this program we have lectures on subjects like Legal theory, IP law, European law, international trade law, as well as many other courses. Small-class teaching made us easier to communicate with our professors. During the days in Oxford, the knowledgeable professors provided us an overview on the common law system, and some activities which is organized by CBL gave us comprehensive prospectives about our law. For instance, we had a chance to visite the Royal High Courts of Justice in London and to attend the trial as audience in the Oxford Local Court with my group partners. In addition, I want to mention other interesting activities we had, such as punting at Oxford river, tour to Cambridge. The one made me proud the most was I won the second prize of the table football match with my friend Soloon!! At last, accommodation is really good! We lived in the Oriel College so that we can easily talk with their students and have breakfast with professors!! Thanks for the CBL and Oriel College!!

Alex Andreescu
Alex Tit Andreescu
Bochum University (Germany)
Participant of CBL International Oxford Easter School 2010


The CBL International Oxford Easter School was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We had a very pleasant group with students from different parts of the world. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most brightest and prestigious lecturers from the University of Oxford. I loved the visits of the places like different museums, London, the Woodstock Castle, which was the place of birth of Sir Winston Churchill. Oxford as a whole is like big museum: Its architecture is fascinating, and I felt like in the 14th century. I had lot of fun with my new friends while at the same time the classes have been very serious and demanding. The program is a once in a lifetime experience, so I warmly recommend it to everyone.

Francisca Sutanto
Francisca Sutanto
University of Melbourne (Australia)
Participant of CBL International Oxford Summer School 2009


Meeting new people from Korea, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and different parts of Europe is an incredible experience. By the end of the third week we have become such a close-knit group. CBL International organises gatherings a few times a year in different parts of the world to connect alumni and enable us to stay in touch with other participants. The program incorporates fun and highly educative London trips, which can enhance our exposure to those in the business/legal fields and allow us to build first-hand connection with those in the professions. The programme gives you also plenty of time to do fun things during the 3-week program such as going to the theatres, eating out and visiting the landmarks of London.

Desiree Prantl
Désirée Prantl
Leopold-Franzens-University (Austria)
Participant of CBL International Oxford Summer School 2009


I experienced the CBL International Oxford Summer School as a unique opportunity to study at a historic, world famous and cosmopolitan educational hot spot. Furthermore, I appreciate my participation very much because I became familiar with the University of Oxford and improved my legal knowledge as well as my English skills. Moreover, I got acquainted to well-known professors and met students from different educational and cultural backgrounds. While the summer programme was limited in time, friendships and social networks still remain.

Professor Keith HawkinsProfessor Keith Hawkins
Oriel College, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
CBL International Oxford Schools Speaker 2008 – present


Teaching at CBL International is always an enriching experience. The participants are very motivated so that a lot of material can be covered in a short period of time. For those who are seeking a challenging course in a truly international environment, I can recommend CBL International.

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